Sunday, January 26, 2014

FTSOA: No Help!

Thank you, Winstone...In Albuquerque, this IS John Konopak, aka Dr. Woody, and this is "For the Sake of Argument."

As the term of "America's First Black President" winds down, there are some who point with what I judge to be an unseemly degree of relish to the fact that he hasn't managed to do very much for his "natural" constituency--the poor, minorities, marginalized, elderly, etc--who haven't fared particularly better under the Lowbar regime than they had done under previous regimes.

In reality, Prez Lowbar is and has always been hamstrung in the matter of visibly assisting minorities and the poor, because any effort which does do so would be criticised by the Righturd echo chamber as pandering to "his people." So the people who had the most invested in him--poor, black, marginalized--were ALWAYS destined to be the most disappointed. And of course, the bulk of whatever was his "promise" was to the people of color was redeemed merely by his being elected. That, in itself, was WAY more than they'd ever expected.

Both Prez Lowbar and his handlers are now wholly consumed with the 'business' of his "Legacy." It is IMPERATIVE from the POV of the "narrative-of-freedom" and "the long arc of history"  that he be remembered as a "unifier," a 'bargainer," a "negotiator," because the opposite qualities, were they to attach to him, would validate the righturds' counter-narrative: that he's a divisive, angry, Black, Muslim, Kenyan, Socialist, un/anti-American Anti-Christ...

Lowbar's "usefulness" to the poor is and was a public relations/perception problem: If he (Lowbar) had made any REAL efforts to assist the down-trodden, it would be 'sold' in the SCUM/MSM as being divisive, as "income redistribution," as a threat to whites, and as a betrayal of "ALL" Americans for the interests of the 'few'--funny how that's okay when the "few" are white and rich, innit?

I think these critics are accusing him of being someone he never was, and then of BETRAYING "who he never was" by being, in fact, what most of his "leftish" critics knew him to have been from the start: an opportunistic, unprincipled, "pragmatic" corpoRat hack on the make...For the sake of argument, I'm Dr. John Konopak,...
And now back to my man, Winstone, in the studio!!!

Even in the extremely unlikely event that Lowbar HAD really BEEN a Nation of Islam mole and an under-cover bomb-thrower who had skillfully maneuvered his way into the very innards of the white power elite, and was now biding his time, waiting to use the power of the Presidency to attack 300+ years of inequity and iniquity, there was the whole 233 or so years of institutional inertia and 43 previous, weighty precedents to overcome. And he would have faced them alone, because the DLC Dims would surely have joined the rabid Righturds in resisting, instead of the mere passivity they've offered so far.

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