Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Might Be A Geezer IF (YMBAGI) You Remember This you crawled under your desk and pulled a thick book over your head and wondered if you were going to die, when you heard the civil defense warning; or
  • you remember reciting the Pledge without God in it;
  • you BOUGHT 20 cent/gallon gasoline and cigarets for a quarter/pack;
  • you rode on a steam-propelled, interstate passenger train;
  • you listened to Sputnik, and felt bad for Laika;
  • you do remember exactly where you were Nov. 22, 1963;
  • you watched the Black Power salute from the Olympics (and were flabbergasted by Bob Beamon's leap) on tv;
Feel free to add your own...


Ted McLaughlin said...

I do remember all of those things, so I guess I'm a geezer. In fact, I remember buying gas for 11 cents a gallon during a "gas war" (something I bet most people today have never heard of).

P M Prescott said...

When all tv shows were black and white.
Going to the grocery store and testing tv or radio tube to see if they worked and buy new ones.
Having to wait for the car radio to warm up.
Air conditioning for a car was a tube on the outside of the passenger window. Actually have an old car in the neighborhood that has one.
People thought that the VW Beetle's 25/gal was exceptional.
You had your choice of regular or ethyl.
A used car sold for a hundred bucks.