Saturday, February 5, 2011

O'Bama's Last Chance With Me: Indict "Cunt-hair" Clarence Thomas

To me, there is now, finally, a way for O'Bama to redeem his bona fides with the Left, and that is to hound Justice Clancy "Cunt-Hair on a Can Lid" Thomas OFF the Court.

Then appoint even a CorpoRat/Centrist like Kagan, and break the grip of the Opus Deists.

He's the only one who could; and there is ammunition, if not for impeachment, then for indictment for high, judicial misdemeanors.

A "White" president couldn't move to impeach or indict "Pubes-On-The-Can-Lid" Clarence, no matter WHAT he'd done.

And Clancy already played the lynching card at his confirmation; so there is no doubt he'd play it again if he were attacked for his crimes and misdemeanors.

But the "first BLACK President" could move a criminal indictment through the Justice Department (impeachment would have to start in the GOPuke House). There is plenty of suggestion, at least, of serious improprieties if not out-right crimes involving conflicts of interest, financial shenanigans involving his wife and her political activities, and his 'availability' to provide advice to interests with causes which would appear before him on the Court. Ol' "Cunt-hair" Clancy is DEEEEEEPLY corrupt.

So, "Si, se puedes!"

If Prez. Shamwow had ANY fucking spine at all...

Let's not forget that Thomas's nomination was GHWBush's slap in the face to every civil rights group, every constituency of color or need in the country.
"Oh," sez Poppy, "you wanna NOTHER "black" Justice?
"Okay! Here's Cunt-hair Clancy, the dumbest fucking Oreo we could find.
"Suck on it..."

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Mr. Pelican said...

Oh, yeah, like that'll ever happen. So I guess the big O is toast with Woodrow now.