Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cunt-Hair Clancy Thomas: Impeach, Indict, Imprison, Impale? DILLIGAF?

Clarence ("Cunt-hair Clancy") Thomas has been lately prominent in the news in consequence of the revelations that his wife is now and has for several years been in the pay of lobbying and business interests which had business before the Court. He and his "mentor" and mouth-piece/puppeteer, Antonin ("Uncle Vafanculo") Scalia (who tails around his own trail of sticky, viscous, criminal slime from his excta-curricular associations with the Busheviks) have been active participants and propaganda centerpieces in Right-wing conferences, workshops, and other events of highly partisan and ideological nature. This is purest Tihadist shit, not your average Federalist Society corruption.

All of which suggests that Ol' Curly Clarence has overstepped the normal bounds of judicial temperance and gone over to the "darker" side. And some of this has been noticed by various Congresscritters, in particular the vocal and voluble Rep. Anthony Weiner (D.-NY), who is making early, gentle noises about perhaps, just maybe, POSSIBLY holding "C-h Clancy" to the judicial standards which apply to the REST of the judiciary. (Oh, NO, you gasp! I know. His temerity stunned me too.)

Now, (Yr'Ob'd'tC's'p't) didn't just lately topple off the turnip truck, so he KNOWS it's NAGAHAPUN but, in any system in which the "Rule of Law" actually was a meaningful utterance, every decision in which Clancy ("Short & Curly") Thomas has been part of a 5-4 majority opinion, at LEAST since Bush V. Gore, should be vacated and the case re-argued withOUT being ol' Cunt-Hair being permitted to vote again.

But recusal is, for me, to mild a remedy for corruption THIS concentrated, this corrosive, this contemptible. I want MORE. I want the "dream team" of the (mocha) President and the (beige) AG to get together, using all the resources that, for instance Karl Rove would have marshalled and, using ALL the power of the State, drive tht lurking, lurching, dour, dreary dunce from the Bench, entirely.

Impeachment must begin in the HoR, which is (conveniently) recently fallen back into the hands of Cunt-hair Clancy's natural constituency, the conservotard/fucktard/Wackloon right, to whom Ol' Curly's feculent spouse has sold her services--all unnoticed, apparently--for at LEAST the last decade. So it is extremely UNlikely that impeachment proceedings will begin anytime soon.

So this is where the "Justice" department should enter the picture, by bringing CRIMINAL proceedings against the drooling, leering dunce. Neither O'Bama nor Holder need feel the least hesitance to prosecute the "black" justice. They owe him NOTHING in consideration of their shared rcial heritage. Cunt-hair Clancy was ONLY chosen for his position by GHWBush as a calculated insult to the memory of Thurgood Marshall and to the social activists who regarded Marshall's seat as a talisman. It was as though Poppy Bush thought: "Well, these skeevy Negroes demand a Black Justice? Okay. Here's Cunt-hair Clancy, the dumbest, meanest, most self-loathing, lowest, shittiest crappiest fucking Oreo/jurist in the whole GOP. Suck on THIS, Jesse Fucking Jackson."

So there is NO reason for the "first Black President" or his "First BLack" Attorney General to cut the Cunt-hair any slack. Indict him. Then run him the fuck outta town.

To repeat: Every decision in which Clancy Cunt-hair has been in the majority SHOULD be vacated and re-heard, after Curly Clarence has been arrested, indicted, convicted, imprisoned and most importantly REPLACED.

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