Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dept. of Dr. Woody's Fearless Predictions: "Null Proc" on ALL Bushevik Crimes

One of the persistent threads across any number of pages in the Left-B'sphere is the quaint, desperate, plaintive concern that someone, somewhere, somehow, some day will gather the courage and will necessary to bring the Busheviks before the bar to answer for their all-too-evident and often self-confessed crimes against the People, the Constitution, and the decent opinion of the rest of the world.

Today it was Jacqueline Marcus on Buzzflash, whose pleas took the form of a comparison to the pursuit of Roman Polansky.
Oh, I see, former Vice-President Cheney can commit mass murder by ordering an illegal invasion of a sovereign country and ordering torture practices on prisoners -- and that's okay; indeed, his daughter can even run for office, but if you're a film director who has the indescretion of fooling around with a minor (32 years ago), GET HIM!
Arrest Cheney? Ha! Nagahapun. Gay-ron-TEED, chers...

The biggest obstacle to pursuing the Busheviks for their evident, egregious crimes is the lack of precedent. The only even remotely related incident would be the Nixon resignation. And they pardoned the fucker, without his ever having even to acknowledge his crimes. And compared to the Busheviks, or even the Raygunsels, Nixon was a piker.

So now, when there is again evidence of nearly depraved malfeasance against the Laws of the land, there is no previous law to which to appeal for the authority to pursue justice against the Bush/Cheney regime.

There is another reason why "thePrez" is hesitant to go after the Busheviks, and that is that if he does, he has absolutely guaranteed he himself will be hauled up on charges--no matter how petty, as the Clenis proved--and subjected to the same treatment, no matter how spurious the charges. The "press" will never again be anything but the megaphone for CorpoRat interests, and can be confidently predicted to jump on any GOPuke-sponsored lynching of Obama when his term is done.

And finally, there is a third reason there will be no prosecutions of the Busheviks, no matter their crimes. All any accused Bushevik has to do is to claim they were "protecting the Nation," and a quarter to a third of ANY jury anywhere would act to nullify the charges. A subset of this jury issue is the fact that 46% OF THE ELECTORATE VOTED AGAINST OBAMA. So there is a close to 50% chance that half the jurors will be political supporters of the war Party and predisposed to acquit out of either loyalty to the Busheviks or in SPITE of Obama and the Dims who'd have the temerity to try a white man for treason.

So, I fearlessly predict, again, for perhaps the 100th time, there will be NO prosecutions of major figures of the Bushevik regime, and no successful prosecutions of any minor figures above the rank of MSgt/GS7...And no "contractors" either...There will be no what is charmingly called "accountability." They had that moment in 2004, as the Chimp smilingly reminded us...

It's too late now. It should have happened in '06, when the Dims took back the House. It should have started then. But that gutless, wide-eyed, smarmy clothes-horse Pelosi took it "off the table."--the legal term "null proc," short for "NOLLE PROSEQUI" (no prosecution), being the prosecutor's declaration that they will 'proceed no further' to prosecute an alleged infraction of law.

At that moment, as anyone with the cognitive acuity of a banana slug knew immediately, there were going to be NO consequences for ANY of the departing regime, no matter what...

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