Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On International Blasphemy Day, A Toast: Fuck ALL "Gods"

As citizens of a secular state, we should resist all and any efforts to install "mysterious/miraculous" beings in our national memes. Blasphemy, and every other imagined affront to "god," is a 'thought crime.'

Via the Homepage:
Blaspheming the sacred is an obligation that every logical person must embrace. Like we all learned from Spiderman's uncle, "With great power comes great responsibility", and when your mind has evolved to a degree where you are granted an advanced understanding of logic and reason, you realize that the natural laws of the universe have given you a great power.

It is your responsibility as a logical person to shed light on the darkness of ignorance wherever it may be. Nothing must be left in the dark. No corner of this universe can be left alone from wanting to know.

There can be nothing sacred. Because the entire concept behind "sacred ideas" is that they are "off limits". It is something that you are not allowed to question, or speak out against, or even think. There's another term that fits this concept perfectly... "thought crime".

Some of you may be familiar with the term, "thought crime" from George Orwell's brilliant book, 1984. The nightmarish, dystopian society in which the main character, Winston Smith, finds himself was entirely founded on "sacred ideas". Ideas that you could never challenge. Ideas that you weren't even allowed to think about. Sound familiar?

There must be nothing sacred in a logical world, because for something to be sacred it would have to be left a mystery, and if you don't want to know, you are not logical.

And I'm not a hypocrite about it either. Even scientists should be held to this standard. Logical people only believe an idea when it has been presented to them with enough evidence to reason that it is more probable to be true then not. This standard must be held regardless if the person presenting the idea is a "Baptist Preacher" or a "Molecular Biologist". Nothing must be left off the table for scrutiny.

That's why blaspheming the sacred is so important. We must never let our society believe that there are untouchable ideas. We must never let a society convict us of "thought crimes". In fact, the most sacred ideas are the ones we should attack first. The ideas we are not allowed to question are the very ideas that should draw our attention the most.

So God Dammit people. Stop being such pussies already. Jesus motherfucking Christ. Are you logical or not? The only real blasphemy is ignorance.

Dusty Smith
The Ike/Sally image is part of a whole gallery of guaranteed "offensive" blasphemous images here.

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