Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's "Cosby" Speech To ALL of Murka's Kids

The thing that's making the whole "speech to the kids" thing problematic is that Obama is pulling a "Cosby," but not limiting himself to criticizing only Black parents. Implicit in the whole notion of the speech is a critique of middle-class, bourgeois parents, and they don't like it. You are NOT supposed to claim that the spawn of white folks is in any way deficient, or in any way comparable with non-whites, especially if you are only half-white yourself.

Now it's perfectly okay for Bill Cosby, or even Barack Obama to lecture black parents; but you gotta know your place...

"Ah ain' no goddam, shiffless nigger! You can't talk down to me like you thought I was one!!! Mah kid's do FAHN in skewl."

You hafta remember: Obama actually doesn't give a rabid rat's fat ass about "Education." He cares about discipline, and hard work, and assimilation into the work force, and economic growth, and shit, but he doesn't give a fuck about 'education.'

If he did, he would NEVER have appointed that corpoRat/militaRat/anti-democratic/anti-public-schools demagogue/Boss, that scummy, smarmy snake Arne Duncan, to be his Education Secretary. Susan Ohanian has a LOT to say, all of it true, about Duncan, and what he represents for "education."

With that appointment, Obama perpetuated the Bushevik NCLB model of high-stakes testing, early and often.

Test results exist for one reason and one reason only: they retrocatively validate decisions made about students, based on their zip code, and not their IQ, long before the ever enter a classroom.

Get that through your fuuking heads, please before you start yammering about 'education.'

Murka doesn't DO "education." Murka does "school," which is a LOT different...

You "make" your education. You can do that anywhere.

You go to school to indoctrinated into the CorpoRat system. Period!

Mostly, students in Murkin schools do not "drop" out.

They're pushed.


P M Prescott said...

Thanks for the link. It's an interesting site.

Dusty said...

Mostly, students in Murkin schools do not "drop" out.

They're pushed.

Dude..you speak the truth and it's friggin chilling me to my bones.