Saturday, October 17, 2009

Presidential Job Descriptions

What IS the President's job? There are a lot of mythical answers having to do with protecting the nation and upholding the Constitution, and stuff.

But it became evident to me that the ostensible job definition--described in the political mythologies of democracy and such--and the real job description were quite distinct. I figured it out concretely during the Bushevik regime. Bush's real job was to consolidate corpoRat power.

Obama's "Job" is to give "white" voters somebody to hate MORE than they were growing to detest the Bushevik GOP, and whom they could blame for the Bushevik clusterfux, while not relinquishing or diminishing corpoRat power.

I was reminded of the "job" of the President on another site earlier today, and I recalled that back when Bush was in office, I often disputed the claims by his critics that he was "incompetent." If, I thought, his "job" was properly understood, it could hardly be imagined that anyone had ever better succeeded. Because, properly understood, Bush's "job"--what he was installed to do--was always to undermine and diminish, to the greatest extent possible, any and all of the institutions and instruments by which the People--the citizens of the country, the "95%"--could resist the wholesale appropriation of the "civil" State by global corpoRat interests.

Obama's job is to make the People forget just how successful Bushevism was at its assigned job, and to displace onto a despised "minority" (either race or gender would have worked)--and onto the Dims, the "junior" party, party of the "minorities"--the responsibility for the rage of the people at the success of the Pukes.

I thought it was a genius move by the Owners to put a "novelty" candidate in the White House, one which--for too many reasons to now recount--could not do anything but FAIL to rectify even the least controversial of the Bushevik clusterfux: the economy, which Bush torpedoed in October, 08; the wars, including "Obama's War," Palestine, and soon Iran; the climate crisis; health-care; the growing class divide, etc.

Neither Hillary--had she been selected--nor Obama had ANY chance to solve ANY of those problems. They are, in effect, insoluble under the current, dominant political relations and arrangements, and the nearly complete CorpoRatization of our politics, the destruction and privatization of our commons.

It's working.

Either one would have served equally well to polarize 'popular opinion' (the inevitable consequence of the hypostatization of the Big Lie in the wonderfully hospitable environmrnt of the 24-hour news cycle). Political speech has become completely meaningless.

As anticipated, "White" people are finding and mining their inner racist. Obama is REALLY hated by the cracker nation (which contributed 46% of all the votes cast last year), far more I judge than Bush ever was detested and abhorred by the Left, even by 2007 or '08.

I am pretty sure Obama and the Dims will lose 'majority' power next year, and will lose the government again in 2012.

And the theo-fascist Right will reassume the reins, revoke anything Obama accomplishes, and drive us right off the cliff again.

Just the way "God" planned it...

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