Thursday, March 6, 2008

What the Fuck? Student Suspended From Public School for Blasphemy?!?!?!

From The Humanist comes this bit of religious excretia. Go read.
If I were Campbell's parents, I would sue the motherfucking school, the motherfucking principal, and the motherfucking school board back to the motherfucking stone age. Bankrupt the superstitious, feeble-minded fuckers. They love their fucking bible? Go all fucking Biblical on the goddam stupid shitheels: Burn down the fucking building, slaughter the inhabitants down to their fucking animals, and pour salt on the fucking ground.

(PS: This proves conclusively that Ayn Rand is only fit reading for post-adolescent boys.)


Lamb Cannon said...

Ayn Rand should be mandatory reading for post-adolescent boys as well as soft, doughy neocon girly-men because it will keep their little pink dicks safely shriveled and out of their grubby paws.

If i am having a boner in a difficult situation i either think of her, phyllis schafly or katherine harris; better than holding an ice cube on your dick.

ignorant redneck said...


If he had done so with the Koran--he would have been guilty of a hate crime, and punished. and oh-so-many humanists would have decried his action.

he does so with Christian scripture, and when he is punished, oh-so-many humanist decry his "victimization".

Including you, who publish calls for violent retribution. Of course, I realize that that's just a bit of rhetorical hype, but what about the inevevitable phreak who doesn't?

Look--respect us please, and our sensibilities. Just because it's frequently legal to treat us with contempt doesn't make it right.

Especially, when treating others so is considered wrong. Diversity and equality means all of us--even us superticious Christians.