Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Face Of Our National Future?

As of today, I'd peg the odds at about 5-2 in favor.
The primary circus in the Dim Partei more or less guarantees the Dims will be more fractured than usual. Hillary's partisans and Obama's partisans have become so acrimonious, so angry, so entitled, that I fear there is precious little chance that the most committed partisans of either candidate will be able to bring themselves to vote for the other one.

Some say McStain has no 'natural' constituency. But this in not true. His "natural" constituency is that whole, writhing, seething, unhappy mass of folks--which I call "Mid-Dull 'Murka"--who 1) crave the security of the status quo, 2) fear the rising of Murka's 'minorities' as a threat to their own precarious, zero-sum based status, 3) still, late at night, quake in angst at the thought of "tur'rists" in head-scarves and wierd names attacking them in their churches and schools, and 4) idolize the military.

I take that number to be about 70 million voters, even without the Puke's normal recourse to vote theft and corruption.

I do not think (and cannot 'hope') there will be sufficient unity in the Dim ranks to overcome that advantage...

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