Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama: Rhetoric v. Reality

The rhetoric is beautiful; the reality is ugly.

Reality is that Obama's tied just as tightly and securely to the interests that were--and still are--utterly indifferent to poor Ashley's plight as any of the others posing and posturing for that little chinchilla (stet) of putative legitimacy that we bestow with our 'votes'...He wouldn't be where he is if he weren't at LEAST 'palatable' to the oiligarchs, pollutocrats, and the rest of the moneyed elites for whose convenience and profit (alone) the USofA is operated and maintained.

He hasn't yet said much about what he's gonna do, but here's list of things I'm morally certain he NOT gonna do:

  • He's NOT gonna end the ICORP in Iraq anytime soon.
  • He's NOT gonna restore the 1st Amendment Constitutional barrier between church & State (black churches have been HUGE beneficiaries of Bushevik largesse here), or restore the mortally injured 4th Amendment prohibitions against warrant-less search & seizure.
  • He's NOT gonna revoke all those Bushian signing statements or rescind all those authoritarian Executive Orders.
  • He's NOT gonna support REAL 'universal' health care.
  • He's NOT gonna reduce the military budgets; he's NOT gonna close any USer bases overseas...
  • He's NOT gonna put a solar collector on every roof in America.
  • He's NOT gonna give the necessary Fed support to REAL alternative energy solutions (ethanol is NOT a Real alternative energy source, but Con-Agra & ADM LURV it).
  • He's NOT gonna stop building the border fences, or tear down those already up.
  • He's NOT gonna re-regulate the FIRE zone of the economy (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate).
  • He's NOT gonna cap carbon emissions.
  • And he's NOT gonna raise the cap on income taxable for Social Security (indeed, he seems willing to compromise with the Pukes on reducing benefits.)

Not, mebbe, cuz he doesn't want to, mebbe...but mainly cuz to do so would alienate the vast majority of his LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS (Finance & Agri-Bidness)...and that just ain't gonna happen.

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