Sunday, April 22, 2007

What It Means To Be "Fucked"--International Edition

Colloquy from the Eschaton crack-den on the subject: Iraq and the US Future There

Actually, the geostrategists have been saying, "reconcile the Iraqis or get out before it is too late" since the end of 2003. It is now too late, because indeed, if the US pulls out now it will be perceived as a victory for the "resistance", and that means Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, etc. with repercussions for the entire region.
Nur al-Cubicle

So what's the alternative?
If the US stays, it must find a Shi'ite leader who can restrain the masses from cleansing Iraq once and for all of the Sunni Arabs. This will happen in the long run anyway. It cannot defend the Sunnis because 1) the Sunni elite have all left; they _are_ the insurgency and they are also _al Qaeda_. If the US leaves, then the Sunni and Shi'a will fight it out, with the balance tipped to the Iranian ally.
In other words - you are saying we must leave and this will happen.
Or - we can't leave because this will make it worse?
Tena | Homepage | 04.22.07 - 12:55 pm

I replied:
I think what he's sayin' is "both."

Which is ontologically impossible....

Which is a nice way of saying we are well and truly fucked.

Not partially fucked,
not semi-fucked;
not sorta-kinda fucked;
not temporarily fucked;
not repairably fucked;
not regrettably fucked...

Well, and truly and--for all practical purposes--eternally fucked.

The Bushevik ICORP* in Iraq is already the worst possible geopolitical mistake undertaken by a world-power since Hitler invaded Poland. In there with the Kaiser's invasion of Belgium? the Franco-Prussian War? Firing on Fort Sumpter? Xerxes' invasion of Greece?

It is world-shatteringly, planet-alteringly mistaken.

And it is more and more likely to have, eventually (and sooner more than later), very much the same consequences for this country, this Nation...and with even less tolerant, less liberal victors as our new overseers than we have been.

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