Friday, April 27, 2007

Ever hear of Bayji, or Haditha?

Did you ever wonder why the names of certain places in Iraq were so familiar? Haditha, for example. There was fierce fighting in Haditha in late 2005. There were reports of a massacre there: 24 Iraqi civilians were slaughtered for no reason or purpose. (By the way, the officer in charge of the Marines who committed the massacre was naominated for a medal on the basis of his behavior that day.)

Bayji? Ever hear of Bayji?
ell, there's a big, important foreward ops base, Camp Sumerall, right outside Bayji. There's been a fair amount of 'action' around Bayje, too.
There was a LOT of action around Haditha; there still is.

Know why?
The map above can provide a couple of clues. You will note that, for example, bot sit astride a vital pipeline intersection. Both are quite close to major refining facilities, too.
Are you still wondering why the fighting in thos places was so fierce, so desperate, so persistent?


notwatchingtelevision said...

The map explains a lot. Thanks.
-- Sparkle

Anonymous said...

You are right. Bayji is a happening place with alot of insurgents trying to blow up the pipeline that goes to the oil rich fields in Kirkuk and it also supplies Turkey with oil. That is a major source of Iraq's income. There were many Iraqi Generals given land and homes around Bayji.