Monday, April 30, 2007

I Got Yer Civility Right HERE, Cully!

From the schedule of today's Congressional hearings and proceedings (via Atrios):

9 a.m. -- (POLITICS/CIVILITY/BOEHNER/LIEBERMAN) CONFERENCE -- The American Enterprise Institute, the University of Pennsylvania and the Brookings Institution sponsors a conference titled "Civility and American Politics," to discuss "how incivility affects our political system and our ability to tackle the problems of twenty-first-century life." Location: 902 Hart Senate Office Building.
The feature about the Intertubes that most feared among the oligarchs and (a serendipitous typo) 'polutocrats' is the ease with which it is possible for the rest of us to tell them to go fuck themselves.

"FUCK YOU,CULLY!" is the cry of a citizen who is not afraid, not intimidated, not silenced.

Such a citizenry is dangerous to oligarchs and polutocrats, because it proclaims with the invective that it is the equal of those who pretend to be it's betters.

Bloody fascinating how 'incivility' will happen to be identified as strident criticism of the policies advocated and promoted by Lieberputz and Boner. Indeed; stridency seems, short of fucking torches and pitchforks, the only thing that seems to distract your fucking self-absorbed self-satisfaction, you fucking pricks.

The nation has come to a pretty pass when regulating the capacity of the populace to register an emphatic "FUCK YOU" to the oligarchs and 'polutocrats' is a matter of Congressional concern. They might find the level of incivility reduced in direct proportion to the extent that these greedy, callous, sold-out, corrupt, ethically challenged cretinous shitwhistles stopped spending their time dissing their constituents and started to try to even partially ameliorate the horrendous, truly global crises their mendacity, corruption and venality has gotten us, the whole fucking planet, the whole fucking world, into.

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