Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Bush? The Connecticut Wanker & St. Ronald's Court

At the Eschaton crack-den today, someone wondered, in the face of the disaster that is the Bushevik regime, how it came to pass that the Dim Son had been elevated to a job he at which was so manifestly ill-equipped to succeed.

One commenter explained it this way:
Bush was chosen because everybody kind of assumed going into 2000 that the Democrat would win, so they didn't want to run Jeb who was the one who was meant to be president. Instead, Dubya ran, and got the nomination, mostly becasue people confused Dubya and his father.

Then they put all the "wise old men" from his father's and Nixon's whitehouse around him to ameliorate the fact that Bush wasn't any more than an empty suit and a complete joke of a candidate.

And then, because of a confluence of prosperity, shitty press coverage, a vanity campaign gone wild, and the machinations of the USSC, the fucker ended up in office against all odds.
Bas-O-Matic | 04.24.07 - 5:47 pm

To which I replied:

i think you're wrong about dat.

i think the pukes knew that they'd poisoned the Dem Party (per se, not necessarily the voters; but when have they ever mattered to anybody) against Clinton which would impair Gore's candidacy, forcing him to run away from the Clenis legacy to appease the DLC and their bidness constituency.

The DLC also imposed the Connecticut Wanker, to further inoculate the ticket against Clenis sympathy (it will be recalled that NoMoJo was a fervent clenis critic).

this was a campaign the PNAC had been planning for a decade. through a wicked twist of fate, Jeb (a prominent signatory of numerous PNAC documents) wasn't available to top the puke ticket... but the chimp was, and was stupid and malleable and venal, and corrupt and drunk enough to go along and do as he was told.

the compliant press painted gore for the pukes enough to make it close enough to steal, which had been the plan all along: keep it close enough to steal, in court.

mission accomplished....

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