Saturday, June 1, 2013

TBGO: Too Harsh

Buzz-Off: Woody's often regarded as a buzz-harsher, but there it is...

I am a little skeptical of economics discussions such as this in which little attention seems to have been paid to what to do about the present, existing, living and, presumably, resisting capitalists who, along with their minions and satraps, may not want very much to be 'remade.' What is their fate to be?

If legislation is required, who will "pass" it?

I mean, the transition may not be "peaceful,' ya know? Then what?

Just askin...

Woody apologizes for harshing yet another buzz, but there it is...

Just one question:
What if the billionaires do not want to relinquish control over the media?

After all, it's taken them close to 100 years and some trillions of dollars to gain control.

They may be reluctant to simply shrug and walk away.

Where would the money come from to BUY them out?

If you don't plan to buy them out, then what is the plan?

Just askin?

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Charles D said...

I gather you are also getting pretty tired of the folks that ask you to "Click Here" to ask some plutocrat or oligarch to pretty please do something nice for us regular folks.

What is the f'in point of that anyway? We can all march with clever signs against Monsanto but will anything substantial happen because of it? Hell no. In fact only people sympathetic to the march will ever know it happened.

We are well and truly screwed and the sooner people figure that out and end their fantasies about our great democracy, the better off we'll be.