Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TBGO: This Week In Science & God

This week in science.

Curiosity streambed: http://1.usa.gov/11tuQ13
Frozen plant regeneration: http://bit.ly/13gZVrV
Molecules: http://bit.ly/10UxKNA
Oldest bird discovered: http://bit.ly/17U5fHY
Synthetic blood: http://bbc.in/136tMEA
Mammoth blood: http://bit.ly/10MNtS5

Meanwhile, this week in God:
Pilgrims: Pilgrims walk across the Quema river

< br />Spanish pilgrims in costumes ford a river on their annual pilgrimage to some shrine to the Virgin Mary, and...

..."The Pew Research Center released a report this week that found women are now the sole or primary source of family income in 40% of U.S. households with children. These findings led to a bizarre Fox segment, featuring Lou Dobbs and his panel of all-male guests, who condemned the cultural/socioeconomic shift, The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer raised some related concerns...Fischer cited his vision of a "biblical" family model, citing men's "physical strength" and "brain power," and the need for women for "to focus her energies ... on making a home for her children and for her husband." Fischer then argued: "I don't think it's a healthy dynamic to have a wife out-earn her husband, because so much of his sense of worth as a male is tied up in what he does vocationally and providing for his family. That's his calling. It's not his wife's job to provide for his family; he knows that it's his job. And if he has a wife who out-earns him, I think that's going to put some stress on his psyche. It's going to put some stress on that marriage." In other words, according to this prominent leader in the religious right movement, women shouldn't earn more money than men, because men's feelings might be hurt -- and the male "psyche" can't handle it.

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