Friday, June 7, 2013

TBGO: The Bicycle Thief, Revived

Right Before Your Very Eyes

In Woody'z aho (always humble opinion): Being a "racist" is part of the social genetic heritage of White people in Ummurka. It is SOOO much a SOOO significant part of EVERYTHING which has manufactured the "American Way" that it is metaphorically almost
identical with the consequences of original sin, to those who believe that. No one born in the White majority in the USA has completely escaped its brush. Some have been more aware of it sooner, and have striven to reverse and repair such damages as they can. Not all, certainly not a majority, or even a plurality. Only some.
There's a reason that "racial' superiority is still a vital component of the social identities of 'lower-class' White folks. White folks still comprise about 66%/pop, and poor white folks are the most numerous consumers of the largest amount of "unearned" Federal benefits, from food assistance to school vouchers. Yet they're acolytes of an ideology which casts that sort of behavior as dependence and assigns it to their "inferiors." The dissonance they can dispel, exhaust, inside the systems of racism which survive and even flourish, some places.
The Greeks had a word for it: Hamartanein, the fatal flaw; three-fifths the size of Achilles' heel.

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