Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Bet A New Line, "Hanoi Hilton" Pajamas, Would Sell Like "Hotcakes"

Over at ThinkProgress, there is a report from the Values Voters Summit, that certain vendors were doing brisk business selling the "humorous" product featured here to the right.
At the Values Voter Summit this weekend, vendors sold an item called “Obama Waffles” featuring a racist cartoon of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) on the box front — with “popping eyes and big, thick lips” — and another image of him wearing an Arab-like headdress on its top flap. Its creators, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, said it was meant as “political satire,” and sold the box for $10 from a booth at the Family Research Council event. CNN’s Lou Dobbs stopped by the booth and exclaimed, “My wife will love this!” A photo shows Dobbs (the satisfied customer) with a box of the mix in his hand. From the NYTimes article
From the NYTimes article:
Asked if he considered the pictures of Obama on the box to be racial stereotypes, Whitlock said: "We had some people mention that to us, but you think of Newman's Own or Emeril's -- there are tons and tons of personality-branded food products on the market. So we've taken that model and, using political satire, have highlighted his policies, his position changes."
And besides, he's not a war hero/POW. He's not white. He's just another "uppity" Kneegrow! No big deal...

I bet somebody and I could make a lot of money for our cause if we put out a new line of sleepwear, labelled "Hanoi Hilton" pajamas. Keith Olberman could pimp 'em for us. How about a foto-shop of McC(umst)ain's wattles waffled, over a headline: Not Even Mrs. Butterworth could save that mess from the trash!

Fuukin BRILLIANT, right?

Addendum: Turns out everything's okay. Those guys responsible for the "product" were just a couple of fellas trying to have a little good, clean fun over the election. They didn't mean anything by it, right? Just a coupla good ol' boys:

PS: I think somebody over on TP, where the piece first surfaced, tracked down Whitlock's url/e-mail. Check the tread, near the bottom...

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