Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(202) 244-3121 // (202) 225-3121

Tired of all this shit yet?

Figger your money, your taxes--instead of helping people, or building infrastructure, or saving the planetary ecosystem, or anything else practical, are gonna buy big salary parachutes and 'bonuses' for soul-less, avaricious Wall Street brokers, and feather the nests of their lickspittles and toadies? Or a set of tires for a Wall-Street-sponsored NASCAR racers (and WTF is the US ARMY doing sponsoring one of those things??? How many Hum-Vees could that team buy?)

This is the "Grover Norquist Wet Dream," the crisis that drowns public service government in the bathtub of private debt. Whastoever ELSE it does, this 'bail-out' is gonna be USED as the rationale/excuse to suck/squeeze ALL the money out of "social" programs for the next 30 years--you can, I boldly predict, kiss Universal Health Care good-bye. It's history without ever having been current events. Hear the little foot-steps of the REST of the "free-marketeers" lining up for their share of the booty? The automakers and the rest who'll extort 'development' money from the Congress to build alternative energy autos, appliances, and assorted other post-industrial tchotchkes for the "consumer."

If you're as pissed-off as I am, just pick up the phone and BITCH at somebody who just happens to be in the position to DO something about it.

The "244" number is the Capitol Hill Switchboard. The "225" number is the Senate. Ask to be connected with your Senator or Rep's office.

No, you won't get your 'representative,' you'll get an assistant, a paid toady. Be polite, if you can be. But don't worry about it if you're not; do not spare their delicate sensibilities or easily-injured feelings. If they're (typically) obscurantist or seem to be dodging the question, SCREAM AT THEM! The pig-fuckers gotta hear the "people's voice." If that voice speaks in obscenity-laced and/or profanity-purpled prose, well that's just how the fuck it is. Fuck'em if they can't take a joke...

And if they hang up on you, you'll at least know how to vote in November.

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