Sunday, September 14, 2008

Contest/Poll: "If Obama's 'elected,' what should be his first "act"?

There would be many votes for 'ending the war.'

Probably, there would be much sympathy for prosecuting the departing Busheviks, assuming there were any them who had not been pardoned by the Chimp/Cheney on the way to Paraguay/Dubai.

But if it were me, the first think I'd do would be to summarily fire EVERY person the Bushevik regime hired, in whatsoever position they now occupy, wherever they might be. It is vitally necessary to dispel, disperse, dismiss and deconstruct the nests of poisonous, toxic GOPuke moles planted throughout the Federal infrastructure over the last 8 years. They have burrowed in deeply by now and become, in effect, bureaucratic 'terror cells,' tasked with impeding, obstructing, or derailing any efforts to erase the Bushevik/CorpoRat "reforms."

Probably this would be illegal, under the provisions of the Civil Service acts and regulations. But it was precisely those laws which the Bushevik regime violated by hiring "career" employees on the ("plausibly" deniable, but still illegal and unethical) basis of ideological purity and party loyalty in the first place. So it would be at least consistent with precedence.

There is, imho, very, very little chance of any change occurring in the fundamental operations of the State under a President Obama. There is NONE without rooting out the residual, toxic Busheviks, seizing their hard-drives, and driving them out of Government--since we would probably be prevented from blocking the doors from the outside and razing the place with them still inside...

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