Monday, June 9, 2008

Nothing any future president does will alter the current price of energy

There's really only one solution to the problem: nationalize energy production.

Well, we could also capture, try and imprison oil speculators, too. Just as we should capture, try, and imprison (or execute) war-profiteers. How is oil speculation different from speculation in armor for military vehicles?

The SCUM is, of course, absolutely alive with complaints from 'voters' about the spiraling price and the consequent, parallel costs of these never ending increases. A piece on NPR's "Day-To-Day" focused on the complaints of drivers filling their tanks, and couched in a rhetoric that validated the complaintants' ideas that the Preznint has ANY control over gas prices at all.

Of course, they quoted the "Chimp" demanding more drilling, off-shore and in ANWAR, as i that could have any impact on current prices. Naturally, to, when "reporting" (stenography = reporting) the Chimps chump-talk, the program hosts failed to put the words into any context at all.

The media's promoting expectations of the average Murkin that the Obama (or even Bombin' Johnnie) can effect change in the market conditions is a sure recipe for casting the "New Politics" as a failure, and preparing the way--should Obama actually achieve the Oval Office--for blaming failure on him.

PS: I took the "Lila" post down. Lila objected that it (I'd) violated her privacy, and she's right (tho not, too, sorta). That post was an act of major self-pity, as much as anything, which is embarrassing...There's no such thing as "good" self-pity.
> still, thank you for your replies, your consolations.

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