Friday, June 13, 2008

FYEIEIO, New Blog: A Chinchilla of Hope

There I shall be recounting and chronicling as much, and as honestly, as possible my baby Lila's (and my) battle with her cancer. There's a couple of posts there now. Don't focus on any one post, please; they're an evolving body of knowledge...

There's a bunch of research that suggests writing about stuff actually contributes to measurable amelioration of certain kinds of psychological complications of grief, etc... When I usta teach writing, i advocated for it to my students on the basis that I, at least, needed to write in order to learn what I knew and how I knew it. I approach this in the same spirit. I'm gonna be trying to figure this out on the fly, as it were.

I'm gonna try to be as real throughout this as I can be, but I might not get everything "right." This is a pretty emotional topic for me. Feelings can obtrude. This isn't a blog written by the ubiquitous "interplanetary ethnographer."

Lila (jeezis, she's a fuukin ROCK) and I (prob'ly a bit less so) would both be grateful if you bent your positive thoughts and good vibes her way. She's my bright, shining light.

(NB: Chinchilla sketch by KDAVIES; used without permission)

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