Friday, June 20, 2008

Executive Privilege

Invoking Executive Privilege, which is more an executive gag order than anything else, leaves anyone and everyone … wondering not so much if the President has anything to hide, but just how much damaging information he has still managed to keep hidden.

The President’s stonewalling is not only wrong, but can also be described from a legal standpoint as Perjury, Subornation of Perjury and Witness Tampering. As a lawyer himself, the President knows these are not only felonies, but offenses for which he, an attorney, can be disbarred. As President, these High Crimes and Misdemeanors should be cause for impeachment and removal from office.
The forgoing were the serious deliberations of a youthful--acne'd even, with cheerfully bucky teeth and a childish grin--Timothy Rollins, posted on a Right-tard page back in 1998. The tip-off, of course, is that the current incumbent isn't a "lawyer, himself,"--was, indeed rejected by the University of Texas law school--but an MBA of some undistinguished, and irrelevant kind.

As ever, it is interesting if not too useful to reflect upon whether Mr. Rollins' opinions on this matter of current import and moment have morphed--not to say 'matured--along with his physigonomy. Scroll down and learn the years have not improved things much in the appearance department for the young Mr Rollins. Nor have his writing skills appreciably increased.

(H/t Ralph, the wonder llama, over on Think Progress.)

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