Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Those Who Believe Obama, Because He's 'Black,'

might do better in office for people of color, might more rapidly or more enthusiastically approach issue of social or racial justice are probably going to be disappointed, in the event that Obama 'wins' the presidency.

That is because Obama, should he adopt the cause of social/economic justice, even under the banner of justice for all, will inevitably be tagged by opponents as making a special pleading for "his" people--i.e., people of color--instead of "all the people."

This will play well, in the elite agenda of disabling any and all initiatives which might interfere with the corpoRatist 'final solution' for democracy--that is, its complete destruction and replacement by corpoRat authoritarianism.

This is as inevitable as Faux News is 'fair and balanced.'

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