Sunday, February 10, 2008

If the Dims WANTED TO Hand The Country Over To The Oiligarchs & Pollutocrats...

they wouldn't have done ANYTHING different this year.

With an opposing party tied to the least popular, most detested, "Worst President Ever," with a populace united in opposition to an immoral, illegal "war," with an environmental crisis much of which is attributable to the inertia of the ruling elites, with the economy bobbing around like a turd in a maelstrom, with food and energy prices spiraling upwards and no end in sight, with medical care costs growing while coverage for citizens declines along with their health, with unemployment rising, and wages stagnating, with ALL these pop/prog issues in play, the Dems offer not one but two "exotic" candidates, neither of whom is populist or progressive (much less "liberal"), either of whom will inevitably divide both the party and the Country, and both of whom can make it close enough for the GOPukes to steal, if they want to.

In some way, I have thought, the Clinton/Obama race in the Dim primaries is a god-send for the elites. It provides cover, for one thing. If either is 'elected,' it will be taken--by the relentlessly naive, at least--as 'evidence' that the elites are powerless to control the outcome of the 'election.'

But an Obama or a Clinton presidency will be almost as great a triumph for the oligarchy as nuevoBush would be.

That is because the array of institutions "mierdas-touched" by the Bushies is so stunningly complete, to total, so thorough, the shit-splashing so comprehensive, that there is NO FUUKIN way any mere mortal human will be able to clean it all up...This bed cannot be unshit. The fecal matter is everywhere, and crusted hard by the years of neglect.

But of course, either HRC or BHO will have been 'elected'--if they are--on the PROMISE of "change." It is a promise they will be utterly, tragically, inevitably, predictably unable to fulfill, thereby further alienating the desperate, fearful electorate from the process, and meantime lodging a black-mark against the aspirations of any future 'exotic' candidate. Cannot you just hear Big Babs Bush opining on the inability of 'those people' to govern? I can...

The other option available to the elites, of course, is to simply cut to the chase, install McStain/(Huckleberry or Ghouliani), and proceed with bidness as usual for the last 7 (by then 8) years of relieving the country of all its disposable income, and spreading world-wide terror, and enervating the people to their abuses... McStain's already on record believing 'the jobs ain't coming back, the immigrants ain't going home, and there's gonna be a lot more wars.' So he's the perfect agent of this program. Bush has lowered expectations so far, almost anything will be regarded as an improvement.

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