Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From: The Department Of This Is Some Outrageous Shit (DOTISOS)

Oh, yeah, sure, HERE's a GREAT idea: Let's give the drooling, unwashed, reeking, cretinous, fuckwad drop-outs calling themselves Transportation Safety Agents--fat, ill-educated, ill-mannered, pushy, pedestrian, totalitarian, pea-brained little fuck-nutz whose journey to work any day represents the furthest they have ever traveled from their peasant huts--some MORE power to fuck with us while we try to travel!!! Oh yeah, I like THAT fucking idea...
Via Raw Story:
US customs agents can examine, copy data from searched laptops
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Monday February 11, 2008
Customs agents have the prerogative to examine and even copy data from traveling citizens' laptops they search, CNN's American Morning reports.

"A new alert for travellers: be careful what you store on your laptop or your BlackBerry when entering the United States," warns CNN's John Roberts. "Customs agents can examine your computer and even keep your private information."

CNN reporter Jeanne Meserve adds ominously, "Your banking records, your music choices, your emails, your business contacts -- all can be examined, copied and stored by the government when you enter the country, if they're in an electronic device."

One Pakistani-American IT consultant says that U.S. agents searched his computer on five occasions upon returning from overseas trips, even forcing him to give them access to confidential corporate information.
What I wanna know is how that oleaginous, dew-lapped, Zionist fascist shit-heel Lie-berman got this into law without anyone noticing...


Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

I inadvertently erased the first iteration of this post, to which LambCannon had appended the following:

Recently i had to fly through JFK from a red-eye, arriving at 6 a.m.

The Delta terminal public address system had BLASTINGLY LOUD get-funky- mr.-white-boy 70's faux jazz, kinda like Tom Scott (eesh) meets Kenny G. Could barely hear the southern-asian voices intoning about departure gates etc.

There burned into my retinas was an overweight middle-aged man with a SECURITY TSA badge and one of those (always) enormously oversized walky-talky thingies. i tried to look away but couldn't; he was bumping and swaying and grooving to dat muzik. At 6:15 in the morning.

45 degrees to my left CNN droned on multiple teevee screens about how TSA mucketies had managed to smuggle a bomb past the hapless, helpless screeners at Dull-Ass International Fascism Memorial Airport; while down at Ray-Gun Crockpot Memorial Airport south of Wingington, Virginia, some yokel had preserved all of our 2nd amendment rites by getting an actual fucking gun past "security".... John Roberts and his lame moll clucked disapprovingly

this only days after being in a near-miss episode between an Embraer and a 747.... imagine vodka and laptops flying everywhere as the smaller plane turns a 30 degree angle to the LEFT immediately from windshear... thank gawd for adult diapers is all i can say, the pilot said we had missed by about 100 feet (north of nevada somewhere in the cold fucking dark)

don't cha feel better every time you don't fly, Woody?

Woody (Tokin' Lib'rul/Rogue Scholar & O'erall Helluvafella!) said...

LC, I'm getting so that if I can't drive, I ainta gonna go...

Besides, I hate trying to score weed in a strange city...too dangerous...