Thursday, May 17, 2007

"If I Weren't 'Technically' Banned From Eschaton, {Part II}

It is well to remember that, beyond the accruing of obscene and extortionate profits, which frenzy reached it's current fever pitch under the Ray-gun Regime, the MAJOR reason for media concentration, was to ensure as far as humanly possible that no newspaper, no reporter, nobody EVER AGAIN was able to raise enough of a stink in the Press to force the resignation of a President, and the consequent shudders in the Status Quo (aka, "The Force'')...


kelley b. said...

You know it.

WGG, let's face it.

There are kewl kidz, and even when we were kids, some of us just never were cool enough for the kewl ones. Even if we were more cool than kewl.

Or, "...there's right, and then there's Right, and never the twain shall meet."

Moe Szyslak said...


That probably doesn't work here, huh.

geor3ge said...

Hang tough, WG. Hope to see ya back soon.

mogwai said...

woody, jeevan does not know why you may be banned...apparently as you said, the 'webmaster' who i think is atrios, banned you...if jeevan didn't and atrios is mum...the latest threads around your banning are raising some interesting questions:

like the fact that it's atrios' party and he can ban if he wants to

and the other side that is trying to argue that eschaton is bigger than atrios like dkos is bigger than kos