Monday, March 5, 2007

The Shape of Stupid

If you are a veteran and against this war, fuck your service -- you are
against tthe USA and freedom. Just like Vietnam, but this time you scum will not
weaken our resolve. Look how traitorism worked out for John Kerry.
Freedom Never Falters Homepage 03.05.07 - 8:35 pm #

Over on the big-guy blogs (e.g., Eschaton), there is a species of poster which appears in order, apparently, to stimulate new impeti toward outrage among the 'regulars.' They are customarily described as trolls/trools.

So it was with the post reproduced as it appeared tonight, except for the italics. No commentary of mine is needed to highlight the authoritarian, bloody-minded vacuity of the utterance as inscribed.

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Anonymous said...

Serving in the Senate, getting a nomination to the Presidency that only the scum GOP's funding a campaign of lies barely defeated, and marrying a babe like Teresa - what a punishment for Kerry? Do these people read anything?

from Ruth