Monday, March 12, 2007

New Mexico: Still Among The Most Corrupt States EVAH!

I am so proud, today.

New Mexico's GOPuke Party is working diligently to ensure that my State retain its long-time reputation as one of the most corrupt political systems in the country.

Word emerged--through the McClatchy papers--over the weekend that the State GOPuke Party Chair, some floppy-dicked fixer named Allan Weh, had importuned uber-Fascist, ShiteHouse operative Karl Rove to run off the US Atty for New Mexico, David Iglesias, because Iglesias was not willing enough to turn the powers of his office to the persecuting the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

If I should happen to meet Mr. Weh--it is not impossible, since NM is pretty large place with a pretty small population--I shall make absolutely certain to have a handful of phlegm on my palm when we shake hands, since I guess I can't cold-cock the motherfucker, or knee him in the groin without risking assault charges.

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