Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Myths of Daylight Savings Time

Not surprisingly, it turns out to be mainly a huge marketing gimmick getting sold as environmental sensitivity and energy conservation
From and exchange on the Eschaton CrackHouse today:
DST saves electricity.
Which is why they've extended them this year. Hell, in WWII they did Double DST.NTodd, Young One 5:21 pm #

'>There is considerable dispute about that claim, i gather...

This guy, Michael Downing, author of Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time, is not a fan.

DST increases shopping frequency, business at the dairy queen, the ball park etc...but Murkins don't walk there, or to the park, or to the lake. They drive, thereby increasing gasoline expenditures.

The golf industry told Congress recently that there is a $200 MILLION increase in sales for every additional month of DST...
The barbecue industry, $100MILLION...
The candy industry has always wanted Halloween covered by DST,'s worth more million$$$ in Hershey Kisses and candy corn.

The most enthusiastic champion of DST from the early part of the last century onward was the national Chamber of Commerce.

It's a scam! A HUGE spending gimmick, being sold as an environmental measure.

Ahead of the times, if it came to that.

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Moe Szyslak said...

Great post, Woody! You're absolutely correct.