Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Bleat, # 8: Pizza Fuckery!

If I know your "faith," and I haven't asked you about it, then cully, you've said too much.
There is only ONE reason why folks publicly announce their religious affiliations: To seek, and get "special" treatment, favors, exceptions, dispensations, because of their "faith."
In light of the Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia anti-glbt laws which rely on alleged biblical prohibitions from an imaginary, "super" being for their justification and rationale, and given that there is only ONE reason to announce one's faith, in public--to be granted certain advantages, considerations, dispensations NOT available to OTHER citizens--my deal is still out there:
I and my non-believing/atheist/skeptical friends will promise never again to publicly speak criticism, or (well-deserved) mockery of folks who place their faith in imaginary beings, "miracles," and other religious "wooo," if--but ONLY if--the god-blighted bible babblers and their smarmy ilk will forevermore refrain from invoking such codswallop to justify special treatment, or consideration, in the public sphere because of it..

Waddaya say, Cristoids?

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Charles D said...

I find that my religious freedom is being constantly violated because I have to pay more taxes to make up for the revenue lost because our country subsidizes churches by making them tax-exempt. They want religious freedom, then let's make sure they are free from special treatment for their "contributions", the salaries of their "ministers", and those huge buildings that lie vacant 6 days of the week.