Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Last Stand of the Po' White Trash: "FUCK NO!" To A Con Con

Sarah Palin and her slattern/round-heeled, drunk daughter, Bristol, are in the forefront of a movement to call a Constitutional Convention to reverse 'liberal' successes in race relations, etc, and roll back Government regulation.
And it's what yer ol' perfesser's scared the shit outta by, if you get my meaning. It is really scary, because it is VERY possible they might succeed.
No, really!
Forget that the she-bear and her twunt daughter are involved. That's just window dressing, to bring in the yokels, proles, and drones. There is a very REAL danger that the Righturds can garner enough support in State legislatures to force a ConCon.
Which would be the worst KIND of a disaster from the perspective of a democratic citizenry.
Don't dismiss this just because Caribou Barbie and her teen twunt are at the point. They're very attractive to a certain segment of the populace. What you have to remember is that the essential feature of this appeal is the embedded, racial message.
This is the :Last Stand" of White People--people who's first source of identity is their whiteness.
They are going to try to use their (declining, but still substantial) status as the racial majority to preserve their fading privileges by rewriting the Constitution to if not expressly favor their interests, at least to prevent their 'enemies' from using it to project MORE threats to 'em.
See: It's not a "crazy" strategy.  The States can demand a constitutional convention if 3/4 agree.  They need 38 States to convene a ConCon. They have 30, with at least three more teetering toward the Darkness. 
This is exactly why the Kochs and the rest are spending so much money in the states on 'local' elections. Wackloon/cristoid/fundie/teahadists (i.e., the GOPhux) now are in the majority in a MAJORITY (at least 30) States' legislatures. They could take NM; they almost did, last time. Time and Citizens United are on their side. It's even MORE insidious on the state level than in Federal elections, and it's easier to corrupt the locals.
You might think a convention to rewrite the Constitution would be a good idea. And I would wonder at your sanity.  Who does anyone imagine would direct the institution, organization, management, and outcome of such an undertaking if NOT the very oligarchs who have worked and spent mightily for the past 60 years to accomplish what they now enjoy?

I cannot think of a single way to have a ConCon and prevent it from becoming the ratification of the Corporate State.
They need only capture EIGHT more states.

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One Fly said...

Yes and what's just as bad is that very few get this. These people and others like them remain soooo funny.