Monday, November 17, 2014

Fuck "God/gods."

Yer ol' perfesser's gottsa warnya: Fuckabee's got the vapors again about "nasty" atheists.

But this god-blighted bible-babbler's ire is just as specious as his logic.

"Non-believers" such as I don't give a rotten, runny shit about your silly little god-delusions. No "god" ever did anything real.

What we atheists and others of a free-thinking disposition object to is the claim by/of "Believers" that their "Beliefs" are somehow endowed with PARTICULAR authority and are therefore ESPECIALLY deserving of particular attention in the public sphere. They base this claim on the basis of alleged, unprovable, specious, spurious relation TO such invisible, made-up "beings."

Theism-inspired 'beliefs' hold LESS water in the public sphere than those derived from science BECAUSE, by definition, 'faith-based' policies have no evidence to support their claims, other than their opinions, which have no substance at ALL in the 'real' world.

For the record: I FIRMLY believe ALL and ANY references to ANY and ALL 'deities' should be removed from ANY and ALL public observances of a civic nature. This would include the 'Pledge,' any sworn oaths, the currency, etc...

BUT I SWEAR: On my honor, I swear that from this day forth I shall never again speak another derogatory sentiment about God, the Church, the Bible, Preachers, Sin, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Satan or ANY of the rest of that happy horseshit...

On the sole proviso that I never have to HEAR or listen to another word about that crap.

Keep it home or in church. I don't care what you do there. Eat your babies for all of me.

Just don't bring it to the PUBLIC FORA as though it were somehow cosmically, or socially, or politically privileged, meaningful or significant.

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