Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Bleat: Primavera; Catastrophe; Oooops; Harsh

Springtime in the Rockies:

Foto of the proceeds of a late storm in the Sangres, from yesterday, May 6, by my inveterate fotog pal in Santa, Jerry Kerr.

Falling Down:
Inevitable: Woody's sad to predict that nothing can or will prevent the next collapse..
Nothing can prevent another such tragedy.
There will ALWAYS be another.
The NEXT building which is gonna fail already is standing, occupied, and in operation.
It was made with sub-standard materials (cheap, untested concrete), and the builders skimped on the amount and quality of the rebar, and they didn't sink the foundations deep enough.
It would have been "too expensive" in Bangladesh's sandy, porous soil.
Plus: Inspectors can be bribed, permits can be faked, authorities can be made to look the other way.
So inevitably, there will be another catastrophe.


Findings: There was a funny piece in the Harper's Mag "Findings" section last month, wherein it was reported that scientists had not closely studied the amazing facility of male lions to make kills in dense brush because scientists were afraid of the effectiveness of the hunting prowess of male lions hunting in dense brush... Really... 

The question right now: Will he, or won't he? Will President Obama make good on his implicit electoral promises and full-throated enthusiasm for a new energy future, or will he capitulate to the power and greed of Dirty Oil? KXL (yes or no) will be his decision. 

These are composite stills from an OLB video coming soon, shot by filmmaker Dusan Harminc in three different locations around Wisconsin.
 Harsh: Woody'z NOT trying to harsh yer buzz, or anything, so early, but:
 It's OIL...
Oil rules.
It is the sine qua non of our 'civilization.'
NOTHING "human" stops or interferes with the 'production" of oil.
I repeat: NOTHING...
Oil is FAR more important than ANY "promises" made to suckers by some transient, make-shift pol.
Oil is the life-blood of commerce, industry, trade, agriculture, entertainment and communication systems of the ENTIRE planet. Without it, EVERYTHING stops, nations fall, millions starve.
There is NO 'world leader" of any significance who would NOT sell a child rather than thwart the global oil cartel in ANY of its designs.

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