Monday, January 30, 2012

Re: The Decalogue -- IS It The Basis Of "Our" Laws?

Short answer: No bloody fuukin way.
Go take a look at 'em, compare 'em, in their original contexts:
King James
Douey-Rheims (RC)
What one observes is that the MAJORITY Of the discourses deal with RELIGIOUS ORTHODOXY, rather than seular behavior, which gets five sorta "afterthoughts": Oh, yeah, don't kill each other, don't steal from each other, don't slander one another, don't fuck around, and don't lust after the possessions of others.

Now, while one has to admit that those five 'commandments' are fundamental for a smoothly functioning tribe, the first five are ONLY about 'spiritual' purity, which is a joke, no matter who proclaims it.

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