Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drenched In Cover-Up Residue: Obama, EPA & BP All Stink of Expediency, Not Remedy.

Catch the BP EWWWWwave...

Has ANYONE or ANY CORPORAT been indicted for crimes associated with this abomination?
The "dispersant" was only EVER meant to sink the surface slicks and remove the 'visuals,' both by St. Barry's EPA and BP. They just threw up their hands and said fuck it: Get it out of SIGHT!
There was NEVER going to be the kind of expenditure to repair the damage that there was to "perfect" the technique that failed.
There should be heads on pikes around Jackson Square, slowly rotting in the tepid, oily air...Instead, their smiling faces are extolling tourism...

Oh, yes. St. Barry and his designated emanation in the EPA, Mother Lisa Jackson were 'tarred' in the sludge so deeply one is surprised that they don't still reek of it.

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