Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Letter To My State Senator, On The Passage By the NM Senate Of A Bill Which TOTALLY Sells-Out Teachers, Kids, and Learning

Dear Senator Feldman:

Boy was I surprised!

And not in a nice way, either, when upon happening to glance at the local TV news, I saw a story about the NM Senate passing and sending to the House "for approval" (really? that simple?) that bill which--well, I'll spare you the graphic description, but it does UNSPEAKABLE things to teachers, students, and pretty much the whole IDEA of education.

So I scurried over to the machine to ask you, Dede--we were on first-name terms when I met you at (a mutual friend)'s CD 'party' at the Flying Star--how?

How did that happen? How COULD that happen?

I never expected to make any "progress" with that puta Tejana, that tea-bagging slag, in the Mansion; but I really didn't expect to LOSE, and to lose so much, so soon and, apparently, so easily.

You may or may not know--or care--that I hold a Ph.d. in education (LSU, '89), and that I am perhaps more familiar than most with the vicissitudes of the craft, having myself been a secondary teacher as well as a scholar, and being one in a family of teachers. This is such an egregious insult, and such a calculated indignity: I would under no circumstances ever council anyone to become a teacher under this regime; would indeed actively discourage volunteers--because the kinds of teachers we--and especially the kids-- need will suffer (and probably be expelled, eventually, anyway), and the kinds we don't want will thrive.

It's ALMOST enough to make an observant person suspect Foucaultian epistemic skulduggery, GB Shaw's aphorism about 'cynicism'--"The power of careful observation is often called cynicism by those who haven't got it."--notwithstanding.

If you would feel so inclined, I would be interested in what were the machinations and motivations which brought this about.
Y'r Ob'd't S'v't.

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Kay said...

Obedient servant my a$$! Love it, Woody. Glad someone retained their cohones...