Monday, March 28, 2011

How I Passed Stats, 25 Years Ago...

I never really got the hang of the whole "stats" thing. Instead, I wrote doggerel. The prof was intrigued enough that he passed me in exchange for using the pomes in his (then) new stats text. Thanks, Richard!

"Them Number-Summers":
How 'BOUT them Numbers-Summers, ain't they hams?
Plottin they frequencies on they histograms?
Them "n-" countin' Number-Summers take PECULIAR pleasures,
Widdey "aspeks of dispersion" an' they deviatin' measures.
Them nomologic Number-summers, ain' they hot?
Keepin all they data in a box-and-whisker plot.
Or: "Them Co-Relators":
How 'BOUT them Co-Relators, it's all just "so..."
Widdey Pearson Product moment and they Spearman Rho.
Them co-efficient Co-relators AIN' ATALL metaphoric,
Study they dichotomies by means tetrachoric.
How 'BOUT them Co-Relators, ain' they fine?
Get they linear relations where they ain' no line?
Or, "Them Skill-Scalers"
How 'BOUT them Skill-Scalers, ain't they strange?
Plottin' YER 'deviation' cross they interquartile range?
Them skew-slopin' Skill-Scalers take they freedom by degrees,
Widdey leptokutrtic samples and they 'double-tail Ts.
Them scatter-plottin' Skill-Scalers, ain' they enigmas,
Gettin' they parentheses around all they Sigmas.

There are 10 of them, which I'll reproduce for anyone who desires 'em.

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Kristen said...

I would love to share these with my current stats professor This is great!