Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reverse CitUnited? Nah. Dat Boat Done Already Sailed!

Correspondent and FBriend Kevin Gosztola, who writes on OpEdNews blog, opined there today:
Too Late for Democrats or Voters to Do Anything About Corporate Money This Election Cycle

In it, he lays blame for the failure of even the miserable, petty compromise, the DISCLOSE Act, to get through the Senate this year on the Democrats. But this is only partially right.

The cause of the crisis lies, greasy and reeking, in the robed laps of the SCROTUS.

All 59 of the Dim/Ind Senators voted for cloture. Two Pukes (the Mainers?) didn't vote, and 39 Pukes voted against. I am not an apologist for the Dims or St. Barry, but this seems not to be explicitly at their feet.

However, it is also true that nobody in the Senate, Dim or GOPuke, really WANTED it to pass. But that is the consequence of the acknowledged venality and corruption of the institution as a whole, of the corpoRat colonization of the Legislature, not merely the mendacity of the (arguably weaker, inferior) "party."

And since it didn't pass this time, there's no way it will pass later when those who benefited from the deluge of unregulated funds will be loathe to strangle that goose with "unnecessary" regulation.

In any case, it's moot. It's a done deal. It's over. This is now settled law, once through one election.

The only way to reverse is if one of the Opus Deists is rendered incompetent ("dead" would work, but there are other conditions such as dementia and/or catatonia which would suffice) such that St. Barry --who I am certain will be the LAST "Democratic" president of my life-time (I'm 65)-- may nominate the replacement and break the fucktard/wackloon Opus Deist bloc's corpoRatist stranglehold... It's really the only hope we have to reverse CU; a vain hope in the extreme. We have passed the point when there was any political solution to this issue.

We passed that point on the very day the decision was issued.

The puzzling thing to me in ALL of this was the way the Obama DoJ kept the case alive, despite an Appellate decision against CU, which they COULD have let stand. St. Barry was under no legal or precedential compulsion to pursue it. The case was granted cert under the Busheviks, was argued once in March '09, and again in Sept, 09. There was ample opportunity for the Shazamers to drop the case. Elena Kagan argued the Gummint's case, iirc.

That they did NOT abandon the case when there was such opportunity to do so suggests to me that the Shamwow and the Dims saw some advantage in it for themselves.

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