Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aftershock: Robert Reich on his NEW book

Still in the pay of the Owners, Reich says "Murka" will overcome these divisions. He has to be "optimistic." It's what he gets paid for.

Me? I doubt it. Obama's election REALLY WAS a "Rubicon" of sorts. After it, White folks can see the end of their dominance looming in the distance (20-30 years until they lose the 'majority' and all that that means), and it scares the living shit out of 'em... Even the most obdurate, troglodytic of 'em has some vestigial awareness of the evils and injustices the White power structure visited upon the "others." They KNOW if they'd beenj treated the ways they treated the "others," they'd be primed for revenge once they got power. And they don't expect any different from those whm the Whites have formerly oppressed.

The Pukes are the party of White Power. Whites, finally, aren't gonna concede without a bloody fight.


Charles D said...

Well the Rethugs may be the White party, but that leaves the people of color without a party since any delusion that the Dems might serve their interests should have been thoroughly destroyed by the Obama Presidency.

I don't keep up with New Mexico politics but here in New York, we have a Gubernatorial candidate whose ads are all about cutting back spending and smaller government and two Senate candidates who are totally in the pockets of the Wall Street bankers -- and those are the Democrats!

IMHO, we are totally screwed and there's no way back. All you have to do is examine the options: 1) reform the Democrats and make them a party of the people; 2) Start up a new party and whip the Republicrats; 3) Nationwide strikes a la France; 4) Armed rebellion. They have something important in common - No Fucking Way they are happening.

Suzan said...

I've gotta agree with Charles D.

It looks grim from NC too.

The guys the Dims have funded against the Rethugs mainly vote Rethug already.

Out of fear - of NC voters!

Great blog, Lambie Pie!


Anonymous said...

American problems are always frames as "what should we do?", but like Charles D and Susan point out you can't do fuck all.

Its not like Bush, Obama, Pelosi, Cheney are dumb and don't know what to do. They are very smart, but they are corrupt.