Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Woody, Why Ya Gotta Talk So Dirty?" -- DILLIGAF?**

This message was left for me on my Facebook account:
For someone who has a degree in literature, journalism, education and philosophy I can't help but marvel at your choice of words to describe your feelings and opinions. I have friends who are sensitive to such language, even though I understand the need to preserve Freedom of Speech and Expression, the "vernacular" of the day? I find it narrow, violent and limiting in it's appeal to connect in a dimensional way. I have no right to ask you to "curb your enthusiasm" only to reconsider whether you are effective in communicating this way. It's basically a one dimensional, "common" way of speaking/yelling out. For me it's hard to get past that verbage and actually appreciate your ideas. Is it really essential to the cause/message you are sharing/imparting?

I replied:
Given my credentials/record/vita/life, you'd might imagine that I introduced profanities, crudeness, childish mockeries, and the like, in a conscious rhetorical strategy?

Call it a rhetorical "shock doctrine."

My conceit is that I am a rhetorical insurgent, planting rhetorical land mines and booby-traps all over the landscape.

I hope that, after I've pissed a little on your cheerios, you won't see Obama's name and not also see "Shamwow." That you won't see "Deficit Reduction Commission" without also reading "Cat-fucking-food Commission," with all its attendant passion. That when you hear about the 'differences' between the 'parties,' you also recall me: "The only difference is when they fuck ya, the Dims use a lube, the Pukes go bareback."

Even if you quit reading after the first time I offend, you'll remember the offense.

I learned in a psychology course: You can't unsee.
**DILLIGAF -- An acronym I learned in the Air Force in the '60s: "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?"

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Peruby said...

I can't believe I made it to 50 and have never heard of DILLIGAF! I love it! That fits right in with my desire for a coffee mug that says "Shut the Fuck Up!" Now, I want one with DILLIGAF on it. :)