Sunday, May 30, 2010

Petitio Pretenditii? Just Sign It ?

We all know the emancipatory potential of the Netz ALMOST outweighs its enormous commercial and supervisory potential, and that anti-democratic, authoritarian interests in Big Bidness labor ceaselessly to re-establish elite sovereignty over the means of (information) production which the proliferation of the Netz has somewhat reduced.

The linked site connects to a page at which you can sign a petition to the FCC commissioners requesting them politely to ignore the specious importunings of more than 100 venal, corrupt. sold-out Congress-critters who signed a Tel-Com industry letter demanding the FCC effectively kill-off net neutrality.

That's not good.

I don't know if on-line-generated "letters" are useful in matters like this, or not.

But it does provide one an opportunity to exercise the finer points of revising boiler-plate to reflect one's true sentiments. Below, I pasted my version of the letter the site provides:
Dear FCC:

I hope it is beginning to intrude on your consciences that some in Congress must have made a mistake. Dozens of elected representatives recently affixed their names to an INDUSTRY letter instructing the FCC NOT to protect Internet users or bridge the digital divide.

I'm writing to tell you that these venal, reprehensible, unprincipled, Congressional low-lifes don't speak for me, President Obama or the millions of other Americans who have called upon the FCC and Congress to protect the open Internet and promote universal access.

The Internet is the last forum in the public square not entirely susceptible to being overwhelmed simply by an onslaught of raw cash. The FCC must now do the right thing and re-assert its Title II authority to protect Americans' access to the open Internet.

Please do your duty to the People, and resist the misleading, and specious claims of those tools of Big Business doing their (pay) masters' bidding. Protect the Internet from being captured by interests inimical to open, democratic discourse.

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