Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Beppers, bliss!" : Surviving Your Encounter With Cops.

I have long advised that every citizen should have the experience of being on the wrong end of a police "investigation." Everyone should know, in their deepest awareness, what it's like to be rousted--to be seen as a "perp"--by a "good cop" on a bad day, or a bad cop ANY day. As the GOP and the Teahadists gin up enthusiasm for the "New Police State" ("Beppers, bliss!"), it will become more and more impingent upon the populace to understand and protect our rights when confronted with the fatal power of the state, and its vicious, violent, vindictive minions, the fucking cops. Here's some decent advice (DOTOF to Terry V. Bitzelo):

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Suzan said...

Thanks for the wake-up call, Woody.

The "good friend" cops of our childhood are a dim memory now.

Reminds me of the pics (gotten out of the news coverage so quickly) of the fascist police beating on and arresting the demonstrators at the last conventions.

Including Amy Goodman!

Land of the Free.