Thursday, December 17, 2009


HUELGAMOS, todos y general!!!!!!!!!!

Realy! If you wanna change things, we need to organize, and organize around a specific act. So let's organize a nation-wide general STRIKE. There is no other act available to a civic population to bring about the halt to objectionable State policies and practices.

That is, for 24 hours, nothing moves, except vital emergency/life-saving equipment. The disaffected populace then uses the ensuing chaos to leverage our/its democratic demands.

Yes, it would likely be met with violence from the operatives of the corpoRat State. Yes, likely there'd be some blood spilled, though the strikers needn't be the ones instigating it. The Bosses' bullies can be relied upon to shoot first. They ALWAYS do. As Emma Goldman said, there is no change without revolution; and revolutions need heroes and martyrs.

Unfortunately, the mere act of organizing such an act of national civil disobedience--and probably my mere suggestion of it here, advocating for it--could (and obviously WOULD) be prosecuted as "terrorism" under the PATRIOT ACT, which defines organized anti-commercial interference or activity such as a general strike as a "terrorist act."

No, Really!

By the way: Who now remembers the Obamanable One's pledge to "reform" the PATRIOT ACT? It was part of the pledges to provide more openness and transparency in the GWOT, or whatever the fuck it's being called now...Din't happen. Didja notice?

Don't you remember?

Well, you're not supposed to, actually...HEY! Look, over there, it's TIGER WOODS!!!!!!

And one supposes it could be worse: Obama might have meant to reform the Patriot Act like he's 'reforming' health insurance.

But then we're totally fucked, anyway.


Steven said...

Emma Goldman knew intimately of what she was saying...I wish I had her courage.

Huelgamos! Great concept. 24 hours of empty roads, factories and office buildings. But, it won't happen here. sigh. The French actually have more courage for this than we do, but I can dream of it. Imagine Senators and Congresspersons actually listening to the people. What a concept!

swordfish1543 said...

a nat'l day of 'prayer and fasting' - i.e., a general strike - is a wonderful idea.
so... how do you suggest we promote this?

One Fly said...

The possibility of being able to force corporations to do what we wish and that includes government is there with actions like this.

All these dumb fucks care about is reality shows and the like.

Steven is correct.