Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blackwater Is Some Dirty, Dirty Shit

In the RV community, they distinguish when flushing their tanks between gray and black water. Gray water is contaminated with soap, or other organic waste from the sink. Blackwater is contaminated with shit. It seems a prophetic name.

Terry Gross interviews Jeremy Scahill on the latest revelations about Eric Prince and Blackwater/Xe/United Training Corp, the mercenary army founded by a man who is regarded even within his own organization as a messianic, 'christian fundamentalist crusader," who is implicated in crimes including murder with respect to his involvement with the US aggression in Iraq and the rest of Central Asia. You need to listen to the interview, which will be on-line this afternoon (Dec. 16) after 5pm. He's got a lead article in The Nation, this week, too. He charges that Prince is "gray-mailing" the Obamanabler:

In the article, Prince is revealed not just as owner of a company that covertly provided contractors to the CIA for drone bombings and targeted assassinations, but as an actual CIA asset himself. While the story appears to be simply a profile of Prince, it might actually be the world's most famous mercenary's insurance policy against future criminal prosecution. The term of art for what Prince appears to be doing in the VF interview is graymail: a legal tactic that has been used for years by intelligence operatives or assets who are facing prosecution or fear they soon will be. In short, these operatives or assets threaten to reveal details of sensitive or classified operations in order to ward off indictments or criminal charges, based on the belief that the government would not want these details revealed. "The only reason Prince would do this [interview] is that he feels he is in very serious jeopardy of criminal charges," says Scott Horton, a prominent national security and military law expert. "He absolutely would not do these things otherwise."

If he's right, Jeremy Scahill probably should NOT utilize "general aviation" until Eric Prince is either dead or in prison. Blackwater is America's largest private Army, what anywhere else would be recognized and understood as a "para-military, private militia." Is anyone in the Obamanabler outfit trying to STOP this?

Yeah, right. This was Jeremy Scahill talking about the subject on Democracy Now, in August, this year.

This is an earlier example.

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