Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Empire In Eclipse: Why The US Govt Acts The Way It Does & Why It's Not Going To Change

What most folks in the USofA seem not to recognize is that America is an empire in decline.

Empires seldom decline gracefully, and never gladly.

You gotta make a WHOLE SHIT-POT of enemies to make an empire. Those enemies remember what you–the empire–did to ‘em on the way up. They wait for the inevitable decline.

So Empires, as they sense their powers declining, feel they can no longer AFFORD the 'principles' on which their earlier successes might have been predicated. Freedom fairness, justice, honor, compassion (well, Murka's NEVER been a 'compassionate' power) all are sacrificed on the hope that a bit of brutality here, some chicanery there, a dollop of murder and mayhem spread among the colonies will still the surging tide that threatens the security and the power the Empire has 'always' enjoyed.

Most Murkins are blissfully ignorant of the real state of international affairs. Murkins, mostly do NOT realize theirs is an Empire on the wane. Most of ‘em think–probably most of you think–that all that needs to happen is a little jiggling of the economy, send a few thousand troops off to slaughter some benighted population, boost consumption, steal a few MORE natural resources and: BINGO, we’ll be good to go again.

Not true.

The American Empire is in eclipse, fading faster than a month-old X-mas tree in a warm room. And like that tree, it needs only a slight spark to light a conflagration that consumes the whole house.

I hate being the one t break it to y’all, but “we” are history. The future is being written elsewhere…

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