Saturday, September 21, 2013

TBGO: "Revolution" Ainna Gonna Happun

In Woody'z view, Reich is delusional, as is Moyers, because they believe the current system can be "fixed." It can't be--or, more significantly, it WON'T be; it is just too sweet a deal for those who own it, and who have no incentive to change.

And it's ludicrous to believe otherwise.

The ONLY way change will come is through catastrophic, social upheaval, of the kind the French Revolution represents.

Neither Reich nor Moyers (nor Krugman, nor I, nor anyone else, with any sense or humanity, really) wants to bring down all of civilization--which is, in essence and effect, what the 'revolutionaries' call for, and what 'change' will require.

Revolutions SELDOM do more than merely REPLACE the asswholes at the top; it NEVER supplants them. The only way there will EVER be a "non-violent revolution" will be if the elites voluntarily forsake their wealth and privilege.

I don't foresee that happening.

Gandhi was able to lead the (so-called) non-violent revolution in India because, after the horrors of WW II, the Brits who wanted out, anyway, were not in the mood for MORE slaughter. User elites won't be so scrupulous.

The USer system has from the start been afflicted with one overwhelming flaw:
Our elites do NOT have in their genetic memory the thump of the blade, the rattle of the firing squad, and the howling fury of the mob. Without 'em, there's no dis-incentive for asswholery on the scale we now experience.

We have no history of "heads on pikes." It's is the BIGGEST flaw in the whole system.

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Cirze said...


It's so clear.

But remember how long it took the French to arrive at the guillotine solution.

They felt it was the last resort to get rid of the parasites.

And, thus, everyone of them (the elite) had to go.