Thursday, August 8, 2013

TBGO: Cynical Hypocrisy?

Photo: Chart: The U.S. deficit was already shrinking, and it is now projected to shrink even more in 2013. If expectations hold, Republicans will need to rewrite their favorite talking point.

Much is being and has been made over the recent announcements about the phenomenal shrinkage of the federal deficit. According to the punditocracy, the deficit shrunk further and quicker than Michelle Bachmann's husband's libido on their wedding night. It's being plrclaimed one of the highlights of Prez. Lowbar's tenure so far. Obot apologists are beside themselves, and the GOPhux are writhing, since the 'deficit' was one of their signature issues..

This "Obama Defeats Deficit" meme is very durable and persistent and seems to bring untold joy and pleasure to some quarters. It's touted with the same ardor as if it were a cure for economic AIDS.
But I'm curious why this is such a "good" thing. Truly, I wonder if the triumphalist know what they're celebrating?
"The Deficit" is mainly a GOPhux/Grasping Oligarchs & Plutocrats stalking horse/straw-man/whining point. The deficit (or surplus) is the differnce between income and outgo. Deficit means more outgo than income. Every regimes since FDR has run one.

Deficits are reduced when the difference between income and out-go is reduced. As mi amigos en Santa say, it's not rocket surgery, esse!

So: we know there haven't been any NEW sources of income; the GOPhux in the House have seen to that while busily voting 40 times to abolish PPACA (to the tune of $50 MILLION, so far).

Ergo: the deficit MUST have been reduced by DECREASING spending.
Prez. Lowbar has been a demon on restraining Gummint spending by not filling vacant posts in the bureaucracy, reducing the bureaucracy through attrition, and privatization. And the sequester has helped to reduce the deficit, too.

On whom have those reductions most disproportionately fallen?

I'll give you a hint: It WASN'T the top 1-5%.

Which leaves the rest of us, mainly the poor, elderly, young, disabled and forgotten. Former Obot economist Jared Bernstein thoughtfully provided a list. It is fgar from exhaustive, but it is instructive. And the consequences have been painful and palpable, all over the country, where necessary services have been reduced or withdrawn altogether. Real people are being hurt. But for what?

Now, really, somebody, please 'splain to me why the Obots are BRAGGING about this, since it's 1) really a GOP "victory," and 2) been achieved on the backs of the most vulnerable citizens??

One correspondent said the Obots and Dims are using the "fact" to rebut GOPhux talking points. It's a rhetorical win for Prez. LowBar and the Dims.

So in order to "attack the right," what you do is do their bidding, and impose economic pain on the poor, disabled, elderly and young. To score a rhetorical point?

Izzat right?

I feel faintly ill. Excuse me, hippiez, whilst I throw up a little in my throat.

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