Thursday, July 5, 2012

Huelga! Si se puedes...

This image, and this whole Spanish miners' strike, and their confrontation with the police,encapsulates, perfectly, the universal dilemma of formulating a social policy to climate change, even beyond the matter of profit-driven CorpoRat exploitation, in a fucking nutshell....
"We" need ever-more energy.
Burning coal is just about the worst way, from an environmentally responsible perspective, to make usable energy.
But these coal miners' jobs and livelihoods (and probably their macho egos, too), and their union's strength and influence, too, all depend on the continued use of this destructive substance in ways which continue to damage the entire ecosphere.
And the workers must fight to DEFEND the exploitation which ultimately falls the hardest on them and their families.
I think these are some more examples of hat Marx called the "immanent contradictions of Capital."

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